Reign Like a Queen with Finance Expert Andreea Muresan & Mindi Linscombe

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Andreea Muresan is a passionate business professional who loves all things money, spreadsheets & numbers. Over the course of 12 years working in Corporate Treasury and Capital Markets, she held various progressive roles where she gained valuable experience in cash management & working with top banking experts & negotiating billion dollar financing arrangements. In the middle of the pandemic, she elected to retire from her corporate career and pursue real estate investing & entrepreneurship, which gave her the ability to design the lifestyle she desired. She spent nearly two years traveling with her husband all over the US, meeting many successful entrepreneurs, looking at real estate deals & just enjoying life.

The challenge Andreea faced time & time again both in corporate & the entrepreneur world is that it was dominated primarily by men. She was often the only woman who had a seat at the table. Her desire is to help women expand their financial knowledge, learn how to build wealth and to create the lifestyle they desire, while having their own seat amongst the men. Andreea holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, with a Finance Concentration, and she was previously an active Certified Treasury Professional.

Personal & professional growth is a core value for Andreea as she continues to seek self-improvement in every area of her life. Her purpose is to love God & to love people as she seeks to help, inspire & motivate others to live their best lives!

In this high power episode, Andreea and host Mindi Linscombe dive into topics such as:

• Andreea’s incredible story of getting to the US from Romania. The statistical odds are remarkable! • Her career in corporate treasury and capital markets with companies like Rocket Mortgage and more.
• How she transitioned to work as an entrepreneur and invest in real estate with her husband, Ben “Humble” Muresan.
• What it’s like working from home with Ben.
• Investing based on “data not drama”.
• Why Andreea uses this powerful tool in her rental property analysis work and how she is giving it to Something New Show listeners for FREE at this link!!
• Generosity and “living with an open hand”.
• Insider info on Andreea and Kara Ayala’s new investment focused community for accredited women called “Reign and Co.”
• The Four W’s covered in Reign and Co.: Wealth, Wellness, Wisdom, and Wild.
• How gratitude and God help Andreea stay on her “A Game”.
• How Andreea focuses on nutrition and exercise to be the best version of herself.

Find out more about Andreea and her latest work at and on Instagram at: @andreeammuresan. And, find out more about Mindi on Instagram at: @mindilinscombe.

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