Mindi’s Dad Tells All w/ Barry Wallace

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Mindi's Dad Tells All W/ Barry Wallace
This episode is packed with fun stories and great advice from a father's perspective.

Everyone could use some good advice from a dad! In this special episode, host Mindi Linscombe, interviews her father, Barry Wallace! This episode is packed with fun stories and great advice from a father’s perspective. Be sure to catch the whole episode since Mindi and Barry cover topics such as:

Mindi’s use of “planners” and how scheduling ahead has helped her in life from a young age
90% of success is made of this one thing…
Doing your best in any task or opportunity
We are all “Response-able” people
Tough times don’t last but tough people do
Advice on active listening and resolving conflicts
Tips for finding a job
Ways to leave an employer on great terms and not burn bridges
Healthy approaches to disciplining children while maintaining their self-esteem
The importance of being the person your dog thinks you actually are : )
The perks of grand-parenting and more…
While Barry Wallace will tell you he still wants to figure out what he will be when he grows up. He has had an admirable
career starting as a school teacher, sports coach, RV manufacturer rep, and coast guard captain. Then he moved on to be a licensed nuclear power plant operator, nuclear instructor, organizational development facilitator, experiential team builder, and plant and corporate training manager. Basically, only 6 people in the USA could do what he did in the nuclear industry! For fun, he loves flying his plane, sailing any chance he can get behind the helm, being a dad, and being grandpa to his 5 grandkids.

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