From Nearly Divorced to Helping “Couplepreneurs” Thrive w/ Richard Laura Behney

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From Nearly Divorced To Helping “Couplepreneurs” Thrive W/ Richard Laura Behney
Richard and Laura Behney are the founders of "The Couplepreneur Life and "Million Dollar Plumber" consulting.

Richard and Laura Behney are the founders of “The Couplepreneur Life and “Million Dollar Plumber” consulting. Check out their site and you’ll see that in their journey of being married for 30 years and in business together for 28, they have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly side of couplepreneurship. They know firsthand how hard it can be to raise a family and grow a business at the same time, and how important (yet challenging) it is to prioritize your relationship through it all.

Within 5 years of working together, the two “hated each other,” and before long they lost the business and nearly lost their marriage. Then they decided to get intentional about building the life they actually wanted, and through counseling and a rededication of their lives to Christ, they found the passion, unity, and adventure they had been looking for.
Since that initial rough patch, Richard & Laura have started and grown multiple seven-figure businesses, launched two podcasts (The Couplepreneur Life & Potty Talk) , and helped over a hundred couple-run businesses over the last four years. Their relationship is better than ever, and they now help other couples do the same!


Join Host Mindi Linscombe, as she hears the Behney’s story of their early successes and challenges that led to them going broke as young working parents. You’ll also learn how they put in the hard work to get counseling, rebuilt their lives & marriage, launch new companies, and created a life worth celebrating that helps other couples in entrepreneurship across the US.


Find out more about Richard & Laura at and on Instagram at @thecouplepreneurlife and @themilliondollarplumber


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